Ready to Rumble Road Show Art Exhibit

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Allan Gorman Press Release:

There will be more than just the noise of motorcycle engines on the road this bike season as oil-painter Allan Gorman makes the debut of his unique series of Harley-Davidson motorcycle inspired artworks at a number of prominent dealers in the NY/Phila metro regions with a pop-up show tour he calls: The Ready to Rumble Road Show.

In addition to creating a striking and unusual series of paintings, the artist has also conceived a more suitable and fun way to show them. Gorman's art typically shown in fine art galleries and major art fairs, will now be displayed in the showrooms, alongside the beautiful bikes that inspired them.

"The set-up benefits all involved.", says the artist. "For the dealers, it's an interesting traffic-builder and public relations event. It will give a lot of people old, current and potential new customers a great reason to come into a dealership. For the customers, it exposes them to a new and wonderful form of Harley-inspired art. The paintings have been a real hit with both the public and the media."

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Gorman's paintings are not the typical 'screaming eagle', or 'flaming skulls' art often associated with Harleys, but instead focus on the beautiful abstract shapes and designs found in the swooping tailpipes, reflective chrome and color contrasts seen when you look a bit closer.

Besides a display of original oil paintings, limited-edition signed prints will be for sale, and Gorman will sign and sell commemorative tour posters at the events. Charities chosen by the local bike clubs will receive a donation of 20% of the sale proceeds from the posters.

Planned Tour Dates Include:

- May 1-3 -- Garden State Harley-Davidson in Kinnelon, NJ

- May 5-26 -- Hot Rods n' Harleys @ Hamilton Stage, Rahway, NJ

- May 30 - June 1 -- Tramontin Harley-Davidson in Hope, NJ

- June 6-8 -- Keystone Harley-Davidson in Parryville, PA

- June 13 - 14  -- Bergen Harley-Davidson in Roselle Park, NJ

- August* -- Miracle Mile Harley-Davidson, Great Neck, NY

- September* -- Brian's Harley-Davidson, Langhorne PA

- October 3-4-- Liberty Harley-Davidson in Rahway, NJ

- November* -- Valley Forge Harley-Davidson, Valley Forge, PA

*Final date TBD

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