How To Negotiate Roundabouts

Tip #205 from the pages of The Total Motorcycling Manual

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The first time I ever rode in Rome, it was at night, in the pouring rain, and I was following a local who rode like a madman. I had no idea where I was going, didn’t know our hotel’s name, and if I lost him, I was finished. So I stood up on the pegs, pinned the throttle, and rode the way I’d ride a motocross bike. When in Rome . . .

When negotiating any roundabout, traffic circle, or developing-world intersection, just dive in and go for it. Use your bike’s advantages to their fullest: maneuverability and acceleration. If you overshoot the turn, keep going and try again.

This is no place for the timid; ride with conviction. Hand signals and blinkers are often ignored; the only escape is to ride faster than whatever is trying to run you over. Don’t stop or slow down. It's like being in an avalanche—keep moving, stay on top, and you’ll be fine!