2015 Honda NM4 - First Look

Futuristic Honda joins the 2015 lineup. Is the US ready for such a motorcycle?

2015 Honda NM4 studio front 3/4 right-side view

Last week, we posted a First Look story by Kevin Cameron on the Honda NM4 Vultus, a prototype whose controversial "Front Massive Styling" lit up our comment section with lively critiques. And now, in a surprising move, Honda has announced that it will begin selling a production version called the NM4 (the Vultus name has been dropped) in June, priced at $10,999. Is the US ready for such a wildly divergent machine?

Although the prototype Vultus was equipped with has a 745cc parallel-twin, Honda's 2015 NM4 is powered by the NC700X's 670cc powerplant, a low-revving engine tuned for fuel efficiency and mated to an automatic dual-clutch transmission. With the DCT, ABS, and a low seat height of only 25.6 inches, the NM4 certainly would appeal to both beginning and seasoned riders, with saddlebags and storage pockets in the fairing only adding to the bike's utility. The rear turn signals are integrated into the saddlebags.

2015 Honda NM4 adjustable seat

As you can see in the photo, the low seat of the NM4 has a backrest. In the down position, it serves as the passenger seat. But when it’s flipped up, the pad can be set at three different angles and adjusted fore/aft to four available positions. Completing the look of this new Honda is full LED lighting, plus a wide 200mm rear tire and an instrument display that can be illuminated in 25 different colors.

When you look at this new Honda NM4, it's not that difficult to see it as a futuristically styled version of the CTX700, a bike that also looks related to the European-market Integra scooter. And viewed another way, it can be seen as validation of the Dan Gurney's Alligator concept, what with the NM4's super-low seat, forward foot position, and twin-cylinder engine. So, if you like those envelope-busting vehicles, and perhaps see yourself as a forward thinker who values utility and fuel efficiency without needing to follow convention, Honda's new NM4 might be a wise choice. Available only in black.

Studio right-side view.

Studio front 3/4 right-side view.

Adjustable seat.