Tips For Protecting Your Windshield

Tip #264 from the pages of The Total Motorcycling Manual

Automobile windshields are easy to care for—a little water, a little ammonia, and you’re done. Motorcycle windshields are another story. Their windscreens are plastic, and if you’re not careful, you can make a bad windshield a lot worse.

STAY SHADY Sun is a windshield's worst enemy. Park your bike out of the sun, or at least cover the windshield, especially if your anti-UV coating is damaged or gone. If you use a bike cover, look for one with a soft cloth lining over the windshield area. Alternatively, cover your windshield with a clean towel before deploying the cover.

KEEP IT CLEAN Clean your windscreen with warm water, lots of it, and a drop or two of mild soap. For dried-on debris (like squashed bugs), soak a bath towel in warm water, drape it over the windshield, and wait 10 minutes. If you need to scrub, use only a soft towel, and plenty of running water.

BE GENTLE Clear plastic windshields often have an anti-scratch coating that also helps prevent UV damage. Aggressive polishing cuts right through the coating. If your windshield is in good shape but a little glazed, a light touch, a clean cotton or microfiber rag, and a plastic cleaning compound are all you need. Use small circular motions when polishing—circular scratches are less apparent than long, linear scratches.