WP Suspension Breaks Ground in North America

WP Suspension 4CS Forks Product image

WP Suspension Press Release:

When it comes to motorcycle suspension, WP Suspension has not only set a new standard globally, but is now proving its dedication to upholding this new standard in North America. WP Suspension is excited to announce the opening of its first American subsidiary - WP Suspension North America, Inc. - and with it, a network of WP Authorized Centers to satisfy the growing demand for WP products, parts and technical support in the U.S.

"WP suspension components are the most advanced in the motorcycle industry, so it's important to have a strong, elite network of WP Authorized Centers," said WP North America Business Development Manager Kyle Guglielmetti. "These highly qualified suspension centers have skilled technicians who are trained to properly maintain WP equipment. These centers will distribute WP's premium motorsports suspension as well as spare parts for WP production suspension components."

There are four WP Authorized Centers across the U.S.: PG Suspension, Factory Connection, Suspension Direct Inc. (SDI) and Race Tech. These WP Authorized Centers will not only offer service and maintenance of WP suspension components, but will also serve as exclusive distributors of WP's premium A-Kit suspension. Known as the Cone Valve fork and TRAX shock, this factory direct technology is the ultimate in performance, and will now be available to consumers through WP Authorized Centers.

For more information: www.wp-group.com