AMASBK: Following Fillmore - Season #2 Trailer (Video)

Chris Fillmore race action shot

Eyeball NYC Press Release:

From the depths of the wild, to the apex of each track, to the pinnacle of roadracing notoriety, fans have followed Chris Fillmore through the lens of camera crew and GoPro. The first season of Following Fillmore was the brainchild of Limore Shur, an avid track day enthusiast and owner of eyeball, an internationally known design agency based in New York City. Limore was looking for a unique way to sponsor Chris' pro-roadracing career that would result in his gaining more fans thus bringing better sponsors to his racing program.

When Following Fillmore began, Chris himself was a reluctant participant in this unique form of sponsorship: he imagined bringing cameras and crew into his not-so-ordinary (or orderly) life would result in something forced and artificial, the antithesis of his character. Convinced by eyeballMoto founder, Limore Shur, he hesitantly began. Bounding between his non-racing exploits and race days Following Fillmore was off to a great start: crew, camera and a whole lot of bikes along for the ride.

"Following Fillmore" Season 2 Trailer:

After the first handful of episodes eyeballMoto and Fillmore quickly realized that by using mainly his own GoPros, rather than a traditional camera and crew, there were no out-of-bounds, "using his own GoPro we proved that we could literally follow Fillmore anywhere without losing the authenticity that made Fillmore, well Fillmore," says Shur.

And now, with his trusty GoPros by his side (or on his helmet, a stick, or dash), he's the captain of his own adventure: no stylists or directors, no sound crew or lighting, no holds for weather. Fillmore goes-forth and does his thing, and we can... Follow. And so from battles for the podium at Laguna, to Supermoto at Superbiker Mettet in Belgium, to getting lost on mountain trails, through the best season of his career, we followed.

Season one of Following Fillmore was the unbiased, uncensored, unapologetic life of a superbike racer whose ride has just begun. eyeballMoto is happy to present season two of Following Fillmore: more racing, traveling, friends, fans, and a whole lot of the great unknown. He's going to do what he does, no matter what... and he wants you to follow.

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