Things To Know When Picking A Cruiser Bike

Tip #16 from the pages of The Total Motorcycling Manual

cruiser bike
All the things to think about when choosing a cruiser bike.Cycle World

Be Elvis. Or Brando. Or the Fonz. Whether you're embracing your inner Easy Rider or just want an easy-riding bike, cruisers are the most popular single class of motorcycles.

ENGINE V-Twins are the archetypal cruiser powerplants. Sizes vary from 750cc to more than double that.

FORWARD-SET FOOTPEGS These will let you stretch out in comfort, but some riders feel this posture lessens their ability to control the bike with their bodies, forcing greater emphasis on steering with the bars.

LONG WHEELBASE The long look adds to the bike's straight- line stability, but detracts from cornering capability.

LOW SEAT You sit in these bikes, more than on them. This relaxed posture can be a good thing for first-time riders, and makes it easy to put your feet down at stoplights, too. It's also true, however, that this low, laid-back position can translate into backache after an extended ride.

REASONABLY PRICED As with any piece of high-performance machinery, you can end up spending big bucks, but many cruisers are priced for those who don't want to break the bank.

PULLBACK HANDLEBAR This design reduces or eliminates weight on the wrists.

ACCESSORIES Take parts off. Put parts on. Cruisers are all about customization to express yourself.

CHROME Cruisers are as much about the way they look as how they work. Shiny objects attract, whether you're a packrat or a rider.

CUSTOM PAINT For most cruiser riders, a gas tank is just a blank canvas for self expression.