Speed Up Your Pitstop Time

Tip #178 from the pages of The Total Motorcycling Manual

pitstop, endurance race

Endurance racers and Baja riders both need to make pit stops in competition. A fast road racing pit stop (two tires, full tank of gas) can be right around ten seconds; a dirtbike pit can take a minute or more.

KNOW WHERE YOUR PIT IS There's no shifting into reverse on a course if you blow past your pit.

BE CALM You shouldn't be in too great a hurry. Don't get tunnel vision—take in the big picture, especially if there are other riders pitting at the same time.

PUT IT IN NEUTRAL Coast into the pit. For a fuel-only stop, idle the engine; for tires, shut it down.

SIT BACK The fuel man will come in from your left. Stay on your bike but take your left hand off the bar, lean back, and give him enough room to work. While you're waiting, you can use that time to take a drink of water, polish your faceshield or change goggles, and get a brief race report.

EXIT UNDER CONTROL Off-road, you don't want to roost your crew, so get well clear of the pit before you dial up the gas. On a paved track, accelerate smoothly out of the pit, obeying the pit speed limit.

PRACTICE You and your crew both need to practice your pit technique. Smoothness counts!