Suzuki Bandit 1250S ABS - Best Used Bikes

Suzuki Bandit 1250S ABS studio side view

Years sold: 2007–2009

MSRP new: $8,799 (2007) to $9,199 (2009)

Blue Book retail value: $5,345 (2007) to $6,400 (2009)

Basic specs: A liquid-cooled, DOHC, 1,255cc inline-four with electronic fuel injection and a secondary balancer shaft that enhances the engine's smooth operation. Its classic tube-frame chassis features a 58.3-inch wheelbase and steering geometry that delivers a good balance between sporty handling and excellent comfort and stability.

Why it's desirable: The second coming of the "Big Bandito," as we affectionately called Suzuki's open-class standard, brought a marked improvement over the original air/oil-cooled and carbureted Bandit 1200. We pitted the revamped Bandit against its natural foe, Yamaha's quarter-faired FZ1 ("Double Standard," July 2007). Our pick? The Suzuki, whose power delivery was love at first ride thanks to super-clean throttle response and an abundance of torque (78.6 pound-feet on the CW dyno) that seemed to last from idle to redline. Whether commuting, sport-touring, or just going out for a Sunday morning back road run, the Bandit, with its blend of comfort and performance, established itself as one of the more versatile standards of its time.

The options: The 1250S was offered in a non-ABS version (MSRP was $500 less). In 2010, American Suzuki scaled back its new model imports as dealers sold off leftover 2009 inventory, which included the Bandit 1250S.