Lunasee Side Lighting Safety Systems

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Lunasee Press Release:

In response to market demand Lunasee, LLC has expanded their side lighting safety system for motorcycles. The hi-viz wheel lighting system will now be offered in two models – The Lunasee 320 and the Lunasee Pro 1000. Both models will provide the low light driving visibility that Lunasee is known for, but the Lunasee 320 carries a lower retail price. In addition, the LunaGlo photo luminescent rim tape will now be sold separately to allow consumers to pick different colors for the first time ever!

The Lunasee side lighting safety system significantly improves low light driving safety by creating an easily recognizable and identifiable light signature which identifies you as a motorcyclist to other vehicles - even if their lights are not shining on you as needed with reflective components! The system makes a motorcyclist more visible and recognizable to other motorists on the road.

The Lunasee 320 comes with an 80mA Quad LEDpod package consisting of four super bright 5mm LEDs per Quad LEDpod package, and are backed by a 1 Year LED warranty. Also included are Cage Clamp Connectors to hook directly to power, drawing only 0.15 amps, universal mounting hardware and components. LunaGLO rim tape is now sold separately. The 320 (MSRP $109.95) provides a lower price point to get the benefits of Lunasee's innovative hi-viz wheel lighting and is perfect for those motorcyclists that may not ride as frequently at night.

The Lunasee Pro 1000 comes with 1-Watt High Power LEDpod package (3X power of 320 system) for MAX brightness and backed by a Lifetime LED warranty. The kit includes a controller which only draws 0.4 amps of power and regulates current to the 1-Watt High Power LEDs for maximum efficiency and superior brightness. Universal mounting hardware and components are also included. LunaGLO rim tape is now sold separately. The Pro 1000 (MSRP $159.95) is perfect for those motorcyclists that ride frequently at night and want the brightest, longest lasting and most visible system on the market.

For 2014, Lunasee will also offer its high performance LunaGLO rim tape (MSRP $24.95) separately from the 320 and PRO 1000 charging kits. This will allow customers the ability to mix and match the charging systems with different glow color rim tape choices expected to be launched in early 2014.

With either system, when you enter a motorist’s field of vision, you appear unmistakably as a motorcycle, even from a distance. This unique combination of active light in the form of distinct and continuous rings is truly a breakthrough in improving visibility and awareness by other motorists. Drivers know immediately what and where you are, significantly diminishing the chances of surprise and worse.

While the Lunasee Hi-Viz Wheel Lighting systems are more than remarkable for safety, they are also a unique and aesthetically pleasing style addition to any motorcycle. The system easily integrates into the bike; with no lights, wires, or batteries on the wheels. It is virtually invisible in daylight, yet uniquely visible at night.

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