2014 Husqvarnas - First Look

More details about the Husqvarna/Husaberg merger.

Husqvarna FC-250 static 3/4 view

Husaberg's recent merger with Husqvarna, quietly announced earlier this year by parent-company KTM AG, owner of KTM Sportmotorcycle AG, was more clearly defined at the EICMA show in Milan.

Husqvarna's stylish red/white color scheme was gone, replaced by a white/yellow/blue combination like that associated with Husaberg. While Husaberg has officially "returned home" to Husqvarna—from which it sprouted in 1988 when a small group of managers and technicians chose not to follow Husqvarna from Sweden to Italy after the company was acquired by Cagiva—the Husaberg name is still circulating in the form of press releases touting a successful season of ISDE competition. This will, however, be its last hurrah.

New-generation Husqvarnas are built in the same plant in Mattighofen where Husabergs were manufactured. From a performance and quality point of view, sharing the supreme KTM quality represents a remarkable upgrade for the essence and image of Husqvarna, especially when compared with previous marketing efforts, which were rather erratic under both Cagiva and BMW. Those attributes aside, some heritage has been lost, including the red/white graphics package.

For 2014, Husqvarna’s lineup is organized into two categories: enduros and motocrossers. Two-stroke singles in 125, 250, and 300cc displacements power three TE models; Mikuni-injected four-stroke singles in 250, 350, 450cc, and 510cc displacements for the four FEs. Husqvarna motocrossers take the form of 125 and 250cc two-stroke TC models and 250, 350, and 450cc four-stroke FCs.

While all of these machines will likely be world-class performers, the TC 250—44mm throttle body, 13.9:1 compression ratio, 32.5mm titanium intake valves and 78mm x 52.3mm bore and stroke, good for 14,000 rpm and more than 40 horsepower—could be the class benchmark. All Husqvarnas have a new chassis with link-actuated WP rear suspension and an innovative subframe made from a lightweight, impact-resistant composite.

Company officials also announced Husqvarna will enter Grand Prix racing’s Moto3 class next season. Officially, the team will be known as Red Bull Husqvarna Factory Racing and be led by Aki Ajo. Britain’s Danny Kent will be the number-one rider. Promising Finn Niklas Ajo will ride a second Husqvarna-supported machine.

Husqvarna FC-250 static 3/4 view.

Motocross 4-stroke action shot.

Husqvarna TC-250 studio front 3/4 view.

Husqvarna TE-125 studio right-side view.

Husqvarna TE-300 studio front 3/4 view.

Husqvarna FE-350 studio rear 3/4 view.

Husqvarna FE-450 studio stripped view.

TE handlebars.

FE and TE chassis.

Husqvarna TE-250 engine.

Husqvarna FC-250 engine.

FE engine management system.

Husqvarna FC-250 cylinder head.

Husqvarna FC-250 crankcase.

Husqvarna FC-250 crankshaft by Pankel.

Husqvarna graphics.