Bimota Sold To Swiss Investors

Italian motorcycle manufacturer changes hands.

After years of controversial product and marketing policies that almost dried out what was left of the image of Bimota, Roberto Comini has sold the Rimini-based motorcycle manufacturer to Swiss investors Daniele Longoni and Marco Chiacianesi.

Longoni and Chiacianesi are new to the motorcycle industry, but the real-estate and construction entrepreneurs are real enthusiasts, which is what led them to acquire Bimota when they heard Comini was ready to sell.

Comini, who owns a pharmaceutical business in Central America and Cuba, kept pouring in money to keep Bimota operating. When potential buyers approached him, Comini always shot prices that were completely out of sight in relation to Bimota’s objective value. Final selling price has not been officially announced.

Valerio Bianchi, Giuseppe Morri and Massimo Tamburini founded Bimota in 1966, and the company has changed hands five times. At this stage, only one point is certain: The factory will remain at its current premises in Rimini.