How To Load Your Motorcycle Into A Van

Tip #288 from the pages of The Total Motorcycling Manual

Load your bike into a van.Cycle World

YouTube is full of clips of bike-loading mishaps. But if you follow this plan, you won't be in one of them.

First, park the vehicle with its rear wheels in a low spot to lower the ramp angle. Try backing the van/truck up until the rear wheels stop where the street and driveway meet, in the gutter.

While loading the bike, you’ll need to step up into the bed of the vehicle. Place a sturdy box about one foot (30 cm) high between the pavement and the bed, so you'll have a step to climb up on. Be sure it's strong, so your foot doesn't crash through.

Use the longest ramp possible, to reduce your angle of approach and thus your chance of smacking the engine case where the ramp and the vehicle’s bed meet up.

When you push the bike up, go from the left side. Get your movie-making friends to help—put them on the right side and have them push, too.