Wunderlich BMW R1200GS ERGO Windscreen

BMW R1200GS Windscreen product image

Wunderlich America Press Release:

Wunderlich windscreens offer excellent protection, are quiet and optically correct setting a high standard for virtually all late model BMW Motorcycles.

This is no different for the latest Wunderlich ERGO Marathon Windscreen for the 2013 R1200GS offering Industry leading functionality and aesthetics. The screen integrates with the curves of the bike and accentuates the design giving the GS an imposing look.

The ERGO Marathon Windscreen is directed toward improved comfort while providing the maximum protection for most body sizes. The screen offers the rider a smooth and virtually turbulence free riding experience, while an additional reinforcement bracket eliminates extra vibration on rough terrain.

BMW R1200GS Windscreen shot

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