Trials: Bou Secures 7th Consecutive World Championship

Toni Bou race action shot

Repsol Media Press Release:

Toni Bou increased his legend by taking this Sunday in France his seventh Outdoor Trial World Championship title and matching the record set by Jordi Tarrés and Dougie Lampkin in these series. To those seven titles, all of them consecutive, the Repsol rider adds seven more in the indoor category, which makes him the most successful rider in Trial history.

His team mate, Takahisa Fujinami, finished the championship with another six place and thus losing two positions in the overall standings, where he is fifth.

Today finished the 39th edition of the Trial World Championship with an exciting victory for Toni Bou in the second day of the French Grand Prix, where the title was decided. The Repsol Montesa Honda rider had to recover from the fourth place where he finished the first of the three laps, with 17 points.

He completed a second and third lap virtually faultless, where he only received two and three points, respectively, achieving his seventh win of the season and the well-deserved title.

Toni Bou Podium shot

Toni Bou

45 points**

World Championship:

1. Toni Bou    Repsol Montesa Honda    238 points

2. Adam Raga    Gas Gas    228 points

3. Jeroni Fajardo    Beta    171 points

4. Albert Cabestany    Sherco    170 points

5. Takahisa Fujinami    Repsol Montesa Honda    169 points

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