Learn About The Components Of A Touring Motorcycle

Tip #18 from the pages of The Total Motorcycling Manual

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Who hasn’t dreamed about taking a trip on a motorcycle? The right bike can make all the difference.

WINDSHIELD A full-protection windshield is a must for long-distance riding.

FULL-COVERAGE BODYWORK Helps provide protection from both wind and weather.

SHAFT FINAL DRIVE Not a necessity, but reduces maintenance on the road and runs cleaner.

SMOOTH-RUNNING ENGINE Lower revs for longer mileage. Four- and six-cylinder engines tend to be the smoothest.

LUGGAGE Can be removable or integrated. Lets you carry clothes, groceries, small animals.

COMFORTABLE SEAT Wide and supportive seating for those long hours in the saddle.

OPEN RIDING POSITION Not too leaned over, not too laid back.

PASSENGER SEATING If your passenger isn't happy, your trip won't be long. Touring bikes offer comfortable passenger seating and a significant backrest.

SOUND SYSTEMS Lets you listen to music while you ride. The system may also incorporate a CB radio or GPS navigation.

LARGE FUEL TANK Increases your bike's range. To calculate your touring range, you'll need to take into account both tank size and fuel efficiency.

TRAILER HITCH This is an option suitable for advanced riders only. Before you decide on this option, ask yourself if you really need to take that much stuff with you.