Yoshimura Honda RS9 Grom/MSX125 Exhaust

Yoshimura Honda RS9 Grom/MSX125 Exhaust system mounted

Yoshimura Press Release:

To say there's a lot of buzz surrounding the new 2014 Honda Grom (MSX125) is an understatement. Simply put, this new wonder-bike from Honda is a game changer and that buzz just got a whole lot more serious with the news that Yoshimura R&D

is introducing a line of exhaust systems and other accessories to make the exciting little Grom even more so.

And the Grom's not just getting any exhaust system. For the first-time ever, the RS-9 system will be used on a streetbike platform and the Grom is the bike to get it. Yes, this is the same as the Dual Honda CRF MX system that's currently being used to win Supercross events all over the country.

Yoshimura Honda RS9 Grom/MSX125 Exhaust system mounted

The RS-9 uses a unique design parallelogram-shaped muffler body and comes in two styles: An aluminum muffler body with carbon-fiber end cap, or carbon muffler body with carbon-fiber end cap. The front cap is stamped in our Chino, CA factory from polished 304-L stainless steel and installed with premium quality closed-end rivets reinforced with lightweight laser cut rivet-bands.

As for performance.... Well, the RS-9 system for the Honda Grom is a genuine Yoshimura R&D product made in the U.S.A. so like the rest of the performance parts we make, it is designed by the same people who develop factory race team equipment that is winning races all over the globe.


Slip-On: $325.00 - $446.00

Full System: $395.00 - $530.00

For more information: www.yoshimura-rd.com