MotoGP: Jorge Lorenzo Assen Crash Data Analysis

Jorge Lorenzo race action from Assen

Alpinestars Press Release:

The trace graph shows the g-force time series of the data streamed by the upper body sensors in the Tech Air airbag suit. A change in the strength of the signals is noticeable at the start of loss of control.

Jorge Lorenzo Crash Data Analysis chart

The movement of the bike due to loss of rear tire grip causes a cluster of unusual spikes, getting the airbag to deploy at 0.220 seconds after the initial loss of control, corresponding to the instant when Jorge gets launched into the air.

The first impact on Jorge’s body, absorbing the initial kinetic energy of the crash, is registered for the left arm. The data trace, which was streamed by the left arm accelerometer, shows that touchdown on the track occurred 0.605 seconds after the airbag deployment. Impacts to both shoulders and torso followed.

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