MV Agusta’s New Executive Vice President

Banker Giorgio Girelli is hired to guide the growth of the MV Agusta Group.

Giorgio Girelli headshot

Fresh on the heels of our story about Massimo Bordi being dismissed as CEO of MV Agusta, Giovanni Castiglioni has named Giorgio Girelli Executive Vice President of the Italian company. Girelli is a name totally new to the motorcycling world. He has lots of experience in banking, where he served as CEO and then President of Banca Generali, a major credit institute in northern Italy. The installation of a man with such great financial experience in this position lends credence to what Giovanni Castiglioni announced as a possible next step in the growth and consolidation of the MV Agusta Group: that it will go public within the next three years. This possibility has grown much stronger after MV Agusta's sales increased so dramatically in 2012, thanks directly to the positive public response to the new range of three-cylinder models. Giovanni expects that, given the present sales trend, MV Agusta may double its sales by 2015.