Vespa’s Larger Digital Footprint

View new special-edition 946 scooter online.

2013 Vespa 946 (Black)

Piaggio has created a new European-focused website,, that pays homage to the most celebrated and iconic scooter of all time. Fans of the "original" scooter can keep up with Vespa-related culture and events, as well as place orders for the new 946, configuring and personalizing their machines from a long list of body/seat colors and accessories. The site also analyzes many of the 946's features through exclusive photos and videos.

Vespa represents a major asset to Piaggio's financial health, the division having sold 165,000 scooters in 2012, which was not a particularly rich year for the global economy. This fact alone makes the introduction of the 946—the Vespa of the "return to the future"—particularly well-timed, as it balances beautifully retro styling with advanced design and technical solutions.

Besides setting a new standard for scooters with its advanced aluminum and steel construction, the 946 is also fashionable. A limited run of the 2013 Vespa 946 collection, named “Ricordo Italiano,” in either black or white, will be available until the end of this year.

2013 Vespa 946 (White)