How Much Weight Can My Bike Carry?

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating explained.

Packing your adventure bike

A 2012 BMW R1200GS, in "wet," ready-to-ride form, weighs 525 pounds, and it's Gross Vehicle Weight Rating—the maximum permitted weight of the bike plus rider and all accessories and gear—is 992 pounds. Assuming you're a 200-lb. rider (wearing helmet and gear), that means you can safely carry 267 lb. of cargo without exceeding the manufacturer's load rating of the bike rolling on stock tires set at recommended pressures. That's excellent, but if you decide to ride two-up, the amount of gear you can bring along is dramatically reduced. Although we've seen lots of adventure-touring bikes, particularly GSs, roll down the trail while exceeding GVWR, it does no favors for the bike's chassis or its handling manners. Pack smart.

2013 BMW R1200GS with side cases