AMAMX: Stewart Renews Support of Freestone Spring Championship

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Red Bull Press Release:

Freestone County Raceway is proud to announce the support of James Stewart and James Stewart Entertainment for the AMA Freestone Spring Championship.  A two-year agreement has been reached that will continue with all of the incentives that make the trip to the center of the United States something special.  As such, the event is now part of the newly formed American Motocross Championships.

James Stewart:

“It means a lot to me that we’re able to get this thing going again.  We added new sponsors, the entries are coming in and the event is growing the right way.  I’m really glad to be working with all the guys again and making this thing work for the kids.  I remember my amateur days and my pro racing in Texas and Freestone is a great place for these kids to start their years off.  It’s going to be fun, we’re still growing the event so we’ll keep thinking of new ways to make it grow.”

James Stewart AMA Freestone Spring Championship:

As one of the bonuses in winning a class championship, those riders will be on the invitation list to join James at his compound in Florida for the Champions Ride Day.  “Big James, Sonja & Malcolm Stewart along with James rode and assisted in pointers on and off the track” said Tom Shields, Event Director for the JS7 Spring Championship.  “Sonja (James’ mother) stood on top of a jump with a flag in her hand all day during the Champions Ride Day.  It’s nice to see families still doing this together after so many years in this sport and the Stewart's are no exception.”

The James Stewart AMA Spring Championship begins on Monday, March 18th with the official track walk and riders meeting. Then Tuesday, March 19th riders bid to lay down their fastest lap for their 1st moto gate picks. All the racing begins on Wednesday, March 20th and finishes on Saturday, March 23rd with the awards ceremonies.

Every call can be heard LIVE via the webcast or LIVE streaming from the FreestoneMX iPhone app.

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