AMA: Mid America Cross Country Championship Series

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AMA Press Release:

Some of the most thrilling woods racing in the country will kick off on April 13 as the AMA Mid America XC National Championship Series gets under way in Madison, Ind. The 10-round hare scrambles series features a wide range of challenging venues that test riders' skills on everything from high-speed courses to tight single-track trail.

The series, which launched in 2010, continues to grow and flourish, attracting more AMA members every year. It is promoted by Mike Gibbs and Mid America XC in Monrovia, Ind.

"Mike and his crew continue to operate one of the most professional AMA-chartered promoting organizations in the country," said AMA Track Racing Manager Chuck Weir. "They keep raising the bar for our off-road competition members in the Eastern United States, advancing what is already a superb program. Like the vast majority of AMA-sanctioned competition, they also offer competitive classes at every level of age, skill and displacement."

Gibbs said that Mid America XC prides itself on running a series that appeals to everyone.

"Racers can expect to see a very family-oriented series and friendly atmosphere, with several families showing up the night before the event for camping and social activities," Gibbs said. "They can expect a very organized event, which we pride ourselves on starting things on time as advertised and running the race day program in a very professional manner."

Gibbs said that in 2013 riders will directly benefit from the series' growth in recent years.

"We are stepping up the program this year with some very exciting venues and races for 2013," Gibbs said. "We have Lucas Oil on board with us for the season and they are allowing us to have TV coverage for our race in Nashville, Ind.: The Big Nasty XC. MAXC is running this race on June 29 in conjunction with the first annual Indiana Bike Week. This will have a very generous payout for the pro racers and a lot of things going for the lower classes, as well.

2012 **MAXC Round 10 Highlights:**

2013 AMA MAXC Racing **(Tenative)** Schedule:

- Round 1: April 13 - Madison/Canaan, Indiana   Kentucky/Indiana Challenge

- Round 2: May 11 - Bloomfield,  Indiana  (River Run)

- Round 3:  June 9 - Springville, Indiana  (Riley Hospital Miracle Trail Race)

- Round 4:  June 28,29,30 - Nashville, Indiana (Big Nasty) "Triple Crown"

- Round 5:  July 27 - Burnettsville, Indiana    (Peaceful Valley)

- Round 6:  August 10 - Martinsville, Indiana   (Copperhead Row)

- Round 7:  September 10 - Monrovia, Indiana   (The Bulldog)

- Round 8: September 28 - Plymouth, Indiana   (The Blackhawk)

- Round 9:  October 19 - Gosport, Indiana   (Rally in the Valley)

- Round 10: November 2 - TBA

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