AltRider Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 Crash Bars

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AltRider Press Release:

The Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 is quickly becoming an industry leading adventure bike with new features to offer a fun ride that doesn’t have to end when the pavement does. The AltRider design team spent the time to create a strong design while making it easy to install on this 1215cc bike.

The design of the AltRider crash bars utilizes a 1.25 inch stainless steel tubing to fit the proportion of this large ADV bike (.25 inches thicker than our usual crash bars). While it may look like a simple design, the AltRider design gives comprehensive protection to the clutch, starter, starter clutch assembly, and the stator. Additionally, the bars are designed to hold the bike up and prevent damage to the upper fairings, blinkers shift and brake levers.

In order to provide protection, the bars need to be mounted with strong flanges at the most critical structural locations. The AltRider design is the only bar that mounts between the kickstand mount and frame (one of the strongest locations on most motorcycles). The bar mount creates a sandwich on a 4 inch bracket that is 3/16 thick creating a strong design. The right side strength is achieved using the signature AltRider tube mount that integrates into the frame allowing the energy to distribute into the frame instead of the shaft of the mounting bolt.

The last point of the design for the crash bars are the nice billet anodized aluminum caps providing a 4.75 inch hidden stash box that will keep your belongings waterproof.

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AltRider Upper Crash Bars for the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 will be available for pre-order in late spring.


- 100% designed and made in USA

- 1 ¼ inch in diameter stainless steel bars

- 30-45 minute easy installation with instructions in English

- Available for 2012, 2013 models

- The kit includes Loctite, high quality fasteners, T 40 and T 55 drivers

MSRP: $238.60

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