Following Fillmore Web Series Trailer

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Eyeball Creative NYC Press Release:

Following Fillmore, is a new web-series that exposes the unique and compelling life of a SuperBike racer, athlete, Chris Fillmore. Along for the ride are his friends, famous athletes and other moto-personalities like Josh Hayes, the Bostrom brothers, Cal Crutchlow, Jason Pridmore, Victor Sheldon, and Troy Lee.

There are plenty of webisodes featuring men on their machines. There are plenty of interviews and behind the scenes videos, and there is even a reality TV show, but rarely do we see the real story of the man behind the machine. Following Fillmore is a heartfelt, honest, and playful look into the private world of an athlete who has dedicated his life to a sport that teeters on the edge of death.

This budding web-series aspires to humanize an inspiring young star who shows us the inside world of motorcycles from passion to pavement, from benefit rides to restoring vintage motorcycles allowing a glimpse into the humility and warmth that makes Chris Fillmore’s story so fascinating.


Star of Following Fillmore is a former Vance and Hines XR1200 Champion, current KTM/HMC AMA Pro Superbike Factory rider, Chris Fillmore. From being the youngest rider at 16 to race Supermoto professionally to winning championships on XR1200, Fillmore, is at the top of his game; riding the KTM/HMC Superbike in the AMA Road Racing series. With a large and ever expanding fan base, friends and fellow racers at the top of the industry, a passion for cycling,  Supermoto, motocross and irresistible charisma, Fillmore is truly a 21st century athlete.

After ending 2012 with a 4th place finish aboard the KTM 1190 RC8 Race Spec Machine at NOLA, and rebounding from a badly broken hand in the middle of the season, Fillmore has KTM’s enthusiastic support for the coming year. With his dedication and KTM’s exceptional machines, Fillmore will no doubt continue to make history in Superbike Racing and Eyeball’s Following Fillmore crew will be along for the ride.

Eyeball, an award winning creative agency, holds a lens up to the life of this awesome American athlete. Fillmore speaks the language of raw metal and race components, he backslaps with grizzled old-head racers and mechanics, brews coffee with entrepreneurs both local and global—and yes, he looks great doing it. Speed demons abound; Fillmore’s a committed devotée of the sport, with a colorful posse and humble love behind those high cheekbones.

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