Harley-Davidson VRSCR Street Rod - Best Used Bikes

One of the best-kept secrets in motorcycling.

Harley-Davidson VRSCR Street Rod

Best Used Bikes: Harley-Davidson VRSCR Street Rod

Years sold: 2006-2007

MSRP new: $15,495 to $15,470

Blue Book retail value: $7940 (2006), $8500 (2007)

Basic specs: An 1130cc, dohc, 60-degree, fuel-injected V-Twin making 120 horsepower and 80-foot pounds of torque in a standard-style chassis with upright ergonomics, sport-tuned suspension, Brembo brakes and sticky tires.

Why it won: The Street Rod never won a Ten Best award and was only in the H-D lineup for two years. Evidently, the vast majority of Harley fans had little use for a very sporty V-Rod.

Too bad, because this one was arguably the best and most versatile V-Rod ever built. On a backroad, the Street Rod could rip through corners better than any road-legal Harley up to that time, yet it was comfortable, easy to maneuver and ideal for everyday commuting or weekend exploring. The Porsche-designed engine was—and still is, in current V-Rod models­—one of the smoothest, most captivating and civilized V-Twins the industry has ever seen, with a powerband that begins when the engine first burbles to life and ends when the rev limiter kicks in.

Useful resources: Because of the small number of Street Rods sold during its two-year run, there are only a few forums that even mention them, and none are exclusive to that model; they either deal with all V-Rods or even all H-D V-Twins, with a section devoted to Street Rods. One is www.1130cc.com/forums; another is www.v-twinforum.com/forums/harley-davidson-v-rod. There are quite a few reviews of the VRSCR, along with accessories, some performance gear and other equipment available to fit this model. And, of course, a number of Street Rods for sale.

A lot of riders would shy away from a H-D model that only enjoyed a very brief and not particularly successful existence, but they might be surprised to discover that the Street Rod is one of the best-kept secrets in all of motorcycling.