EnduroX: Blazusiak Crowned 2012 AMA Champion

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KTM Motorcycles Press Release:

Blazusiak turned the fastest lap in the afternoon hot laps to earn first gate pick in his heat. He was placed in the third heat where he took the hole-shot and led every lap to easily transfer into the main event. His teammate, Mike Brown, finished 2nd in his heat to also earn a top gate pick in the first main event.

When the gate dropped for the first main event it was Blazusiak and Brown out front early. The KTM riders led the pack for the first two laps before Brown made a mistake and dropped to 3rd. On the third lap Blazusiak got stuck in the rocks which gave Webb an opportunity to pass for the lead. Blazusiak and Webb continued to battle for the next four laps swapping the lead each time through the rocks. With two laps to go, Blazusiak was able to pull a small gap as he lead out front. Blazusiak’s mistake-free ending to the first main event helped him earn the victory and clinch his 2012 AMA EnduroCross Championship. Brown would join Blazusiak on the podium with a 3rd place finish.

Blazusiak shot off the start gate in the second main event to come around the first corner tied for the lead. He quickly moved his KTM out front and led the way around the first lap. Meanwhile, Brown didn’t have as good of a start and was sitting 9th after the first corner.

Out front, Blazusiak had a bobble in the rocks that allowed Webb to close the gap. Despite heavy pressure from Webb, Blazusiak did not buckle and continued to keep his machine in the lead. The racing remained close and the battles kept the crowd on the edge of their seats as the race came down to the final rock section. Blazusiak found a clear line and smoothly raced through the rocks to go on to win the second main event of the night. Brown was able to successfully climb from his poor start into the top five to finish 5th overall. Brown’s results in the Vegas finale helped him move to 4th overall in the championship point standings.

“It was great to have Taddy return to defend his championship this year. We are happy he was able to clinch another championship. He and the team have worked very hard for this championship and it is a great ending to the year to take the number one plate again,” stated Team Manager Antti Kallonen.

Overall Main Event 1:

1. Taddy Blazusiak – KTM

2. Cody Webb

3. Mike Brown – KTM

4. Geoff Aaron

5. Justin Soule

6. Colton Haaker

7. Cory Graffunder

8. Kyle Redmond

9. Max Gerston

10. Jamie Lanza

11. Kevin Rookstool

12. Taylor Robert

Overall Main Event 2:

1. Taddy Blazusiak – KTM

2. Cody Webb

3. Kyle Redmond

4. Geoff Aaron

5. Mike Brown – KTM

6. Justin Soule

7. Cory Graffunder

8. Taylor Robert

9. Max Gerston

10. Kevin Rookstool

11. Colton Haaker

12. Jamie Lanza

Overall Championship Standings:

1. Taddy Blazusiak – 249

2. Cody Webb – 179

3. Taylor Robert – 154

4. Mike Brown – 151

5. Cory Graffunder – 133

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