Flat Track: JC Agajanian Jr. To Serve As Finale Grand Marshal

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AMA Press Release:

One of America's best known racing personalities, JC Agajanian Jr., has been named Grand Marshal for the upcoming October 13th AMA Pro Flat Track Finals half-mile dirt track motorcycle race at the Historic Pomona Half-Mile at Fairplex in Pomona, California.

With a long history of affiliation in the promotions of AMA Motorcycle racing at Pomona and at Ascot Park, the Agajanian dynasty makes JC an excellent choice. Synonymous with motorcycle and auto racing, Indy 500 wins, the Turkey Night Grand Prix and most notably the owners and promoters of famous Ascot Park in Gardena, the Agajanians have had their hand in almost every significant motorsports event in the Southern California area at one time or another. Ascot Park, which opened in 1957 and closed in 1990, held a number of AMA Championship Races throughout the years. The Pomona 1/2 mile, host of this year's championship race, has hosted flat track races dating back to 1949.

"When Chris Morgan called saying they wanted to salute Ascot and my dad JC Agajanian, I was excited. Aggie was a pioneer in motorcycle racing. He was a promoter with generosity and class. His Friday night AMA Flat Track races at Ascot regularly had more rider talent then many of the national championships. Aggie paid a large amount of prize money which elevated motorcycle racing from what the public saw as a bunch of hooligans, to a high class sport on par with any of its four wheel counter parts. JC Agajanian will forever be remembered as the 'Dean' of American racing. I gladly accepted the position of Grand Marshal on behalf of my family. We will salute all Aggie has done for our great sport", said JC Agajanian Jr., when asked about being Grand Marshal of the Law Tigers AMA Pro Flat Track Finals.

"JC and Ascot are American racing promotion icons and we are proud to be associated with their long and storied traditions in both the motorcycle and automobile racing dynasties. Ascot was a special place that many of us in Southern California hold dear to our hearts and all that ever walked in those gates have fond memories of the amazing events promoted there by the Agajanian Family . We are proud to carry this tradition on with the AMA Pro Flat Track Finals at the Pomona Half-Mile and are honored that JC accepted our invitation to be Grand Marshal at this year's event October 13th" said co-promoter Chris Morgan.

The AMA Pro Flat Track Finals October 13th is the final round on the AMA Pro Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Championship, and the only Southern California stop on the tour. Harley Davidson riders Jared Mees and Sammy Halbert are a close first and second in the championship and the AMA Pro Flat Track Finals will decide the champion.

As a special bonus, numerous events are included free to all fans in attendance, including the rider paddock area being open to all spectators at 5:30 pm to meet the riders and see the racing bikes. A special Motorcycle Racing Legends Autograph Meet & Greet, featuring some of the sports biggest stars including Eddie Mulder, Sammy Tanner, Tom Horton, Sunny Nutter, Jody Nicholas, Don Emde, Terry Dorsch, Nick Theroux, Rob Morrison, Ronnie Jones, Eddie Wirth, Jim Filice, Ralph White and more is scheduled to begin at 5:45 pm.

Current 2012 GNC Combined Standings:

1     Jared Mees     262

2     Sammy Halbert 248

3     Jake Johnson     246

4     Bryan Smith     193

5     Henry Wiles     156

6     Brad Baker     156

7     Jeffrey Carver Jr.     136

8     Kenny Coolbeth, Jr.     124

9     Matt Weidman      115

10     Brandon Robinson     103

11     Robert Pearson     103

12     Briar Bauman     103

13     Johnny Lewis     97

14     JD Beach     92

15     Jethro Halbert 87

Current 2012 Pro Singles Standings:

1     Stephen Vanderkuur     175

2     Jake Shoemaker     164

3     Jason Isennock     151

4     Dominic Colindres     132

5     Ryan Wells     132

6     Shayna Texter     116

7     Wyatt Maguire     111

8     Gerit Callies     107

9     Jake Cunningham     95

10     Zakk Palmer       78

11     Nick Mataya       62

12     Cole Anderson     61

13     Michael Bickerton     61

14     James Monaco     61

15     Rodney Spencer Jr.     58

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