Best Sport-Touring Bike: BMW K1600GT

Best Sport-Touring Motorcycle: BMW K1600GT

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You can’t beat Mother Nature and you can’t cheat Father Physics. Or so we’ve always been taught. But BMW’s design team either never got that memo or ignored it, because the K1600GT they created flies in the face of those doctrines. With its adjustable windshield, flip-out air deflectors, heated grips and seat, and headlight that can see around corners, the GT fends off Ma Nature’s wind, cold and dark pretty doggone effectively. And despite being a 755-pound (full tank), six-cylinder behemoth with more road-eating, corner-carving, rider-indulging equipment than most cars, it defies Pa Physics by steering and handling like something much sportier that weighs hundreds less. No wonder it’s the most exciting sport-tourer on the road today.