Suzuki SV1000S - Best Used Bikes

A surprisingly capable sportbike.

Best Used Bikes: Suzuki SV1000S

Best Used Bikes: Suzuki SV1000S

Years sold: 2003-2007

MSRP new: $8599 (2003) to $8699 (2007)

Blue Book retail value: $3430 (2003) to $4885 (2007)

Basic specs: A 996cc, 456-pound, half-faired, 90-degree V-Twin sporty bike producing 108 rear-wheel hp and 69 ft.-lb. of torque. Our 2003 testbike ran a 10.99-second, 122.6-mph quarter-mile and hit a top speed of 148 mph.

Why it won: The SV1000S (as well as its naked brethren, the SV1000 that was sold here only in 2003) never won a Ten Best award, but it nonetheless is a surprisingly capable sportbike. Its one-liter V-Twin engine has a powerband that starts in the basement and stays strong all the way up to the 11,000-rpm redline. And even though it rides on a conventional "right-side-up" fork, its aluminum-framed chassis provides sufficient backroad handling to give quite a few all-out sportbikes a respectable run for their money.

Despite its impressive competence and fantastic affordability, the SV1000S never achieved the sales success of its little brothers, the SV650 and SV650S, fading from Suzuki’s lineup after five years. But don’t let that stop you from contemplating the purchase of a used 1000S; these are big-time fun motorcycles that now can be bought for small change.

Useful resources: As you might expect with a small-volume bike that only sold for a handful of years, there is far less information available about the SV1000S than you will find for many more-popular models. A few websites deal with the big one-liter SV, including **and **, but most of their content is focused on the V650, with only a small fraction devoted to the 1000. You will find some big SVs for sale, though, as well as several sites selling aftermarket and performance parts for that Suzuki. And as usual, there are numerous reviews and videos of the SV1000S available on the web.