Can-Am Spyder RT-S - Long-Term Update

Recalled and serviced.

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Its odometer showing 5135 miles, the RT-S is halfway through its 10,000-mile test, and two recalls have been the only significant events so far. Last June, BRP recalled the RT to replace its centrifugal clutch; some units with the semi-automatic tranny had suffered stalling problems that were traced to clutches that wouldn't disengage in certain high-heat/low-speed conditions. Then, in September, the company recalled our RT-S to replace the Dynamic Power Steering module. The possibility existed that some units would fail, resulting in very hard steering and possible loss of control. Neither failure afflicted CW's RT-S.

Through heat and cold, rain and sun, the RT-S has run flawlessly, and familiarity with its handling characteristics has raised comfort and enjoyment levels. In the rain, especially, the added confidence conferred by the three wheels has made wet riding less stressful. The installation of the factory-supplied Garmin zumo 660 GPS kit also enhanced the utility of the RT-S, making it a very good errand-runner as well as a tourer.

Maintenance costs are not inconsiderable, given that BRP wants the RT-S in for service every 3000 miles. But, on the other hand, the tires show very little wear. Bottom line so far: The RT-S has been a reliable, pleasant and useful ride.

Total miles:|5135
Next service:|6000
Maintenance costs (including tires):|$339.13
Repair costs:|$0
Average fuel mileage:|30 mpg
List price (2009):|$26,449