2011 Husqvarna Motorcycles at INTERMOT 2010 - First Look

BMW influence finds its way into Husky off-roaders.

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Husqvarna keeps evolving its motocross, enduro and supermoto lineup in the relentless pursuit of the technological standards set by KTM (its traditional competitor) and the Japanese Big Four.

At INTERMOT, Husqvarna unveiled production TC449 motocross and TE449/511 enduro models equipped with Coaxial Traction System (CTS), its proprietary version of the arrangement first seen two years ago on parent company BMW’s G450X off-roader. CTS locates the swingarm pivot on the same axis as the countershaft sprocket, thereby canceling most of the chain pull that can inhibit the action of the rear suspension and have a negative effect on rear-wheel traction. After evaluating the concept on the G450X, Husqvarna developed a much simpler, lighter and more effective version for these new models. Extensive testing and validation of the design was then carried out during the 2009/10 motocross and enduro seasons when CTS was fitted to a handful of factory TC449, TE449 and TE511 racers.

The BMW connection also provided the basis for the new Husky engines. For 2011, both 449s and the 511 are powered by a dohc, four-valve Single that’s a redesign of the G450X engine. The new mills share a common 59.6mm stroke with either a 98mm bore (for the 450cc 449) or 101mm for the 511 (which actually displaces only 478cc). Electric starting, Keihin electronic fuel injection with a 46mm throttle body are common on all three models. A key difference between the motocross and off-road bikes are the compression ratios: The TC has a 13.0:1 ratio compared to the TEs’ 12.0:1.

Claimed power figures have not been released, but dry weights allegedly range from 238 pounds for the TC449 to 249 for the TE449 and TE511. We also believe that a TXC cross-country model featuring CTS and the new engine will be available, as well. Though no pricing had been set as we went to press, last year's Husky models were, on average, a full $1000 below that of their Austrian competition. Look for an upcoming First Ride of the TE449 from Off-Road Editor Ryan Dudek.

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