2011 Triumph Motorcycles Unveiled at INTERMOT 2010 - First Look

All-new Speed Triple and Thunderbird Storm 1700 roll out at the Cologne Show.


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The Triumph Speed Triple is perhaps one of the most charismatic motorcycles of the last decade. For 2011, the original thug-bike gets a complete overhaul. The only carry-over component is the hugely appreciated and personality-rich dohc 12-valve inline-Triple.

But this year, that delightful powerplant is even more capable, thanks to 5 more claimed horsepower, which brings the total to a very impressive 135 at 9400 rpm (and 82 ft.-lb. of torque at 7750 rpm). The Triple is harnessed in a completely new frame with increased torsional rigidity which, most importantly, further optimizes forward weight bias by pulling the front wheel back some 10mm, and by relocating the battery ahead of the airbox. Steering geometry is very steep, at just about 22 degrees, and very quick, at 3.5 inches of trail, in the best Speed Triple tradition. The front end sports an inverted 43mm fork, twin 320mm discs and radial-mount Brembo calipers—and the rider sits more forward and closer to them in an even more aggressive posture that ensures supreme control—a feeling which should be enhanced by a seat that’s been lowered to 32.3 inches off the ground. The new Speed Triple has grown lighter, too, but only by about 6.6 pounds, according to Triumph. This one we can’t wait to ride. Styling is completely redone. The angular headlights are the most notable change but, as ever, there are a pair of bulbs lighting the way.

Heavyweight cruiser fans also get a new option in the form of the parallel-Twin Thunderbird Storm. Styling treatment gets the Rocket III Roadster blackout treatment, plus twin headlights, while the engine gets a power-up kit in the form of a 1700cc displacement.

038 2011 Triumph American Low

037 2011 Triumph American Low

036 2011 Triumph American Low

035 2011 Triumph American Low

034 2011 Triumph American Low

033 2011 Triumph American Low

032 2011 Triumph American Low

031 Triumph Thunderbird

030 Triumph Thunderbird

029 Triumph Thunderbird

028 Triumph Thunderbird

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026 Triumph Thunderbird

025 Triumph Thunderbird

024 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

023 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

022 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

021 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

020 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

019 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

018 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

017 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

016 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

015 2011 Triumph Speed Triple

014 2011 Triumph Speed Triple

013 2011 Triumph Speed Triple

012 2011 Triumph Speed Triple

011 2011 Triumph Speed Triple

010 2011 Triumph Speed Triple

009 2011 Triumph Speed Triple

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001 2011 Triumph Speed Triple