Pro Circuit Kawasaki Babysitting Team?

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New father and Monster Energy Pro Circuit rider Tyla Rattray finished 2nd overall in the Lucas Oil Motocross Lites Class championship this season, but that doesn't mean it's time for him and mechanic Vince Bereni to kick back and rest. Oh no.  Tyla’s newborn daughter, Brooke, was a little fussy at first but after some minor adjustments, the two had her responding cleanly to full bottle, with a nice blankie for soaking up the whoops. Brooke was born August 28th--Tyla’s competition number--and he finished first that day at the RockStar Energy Southwick National in Southwick, MA. Meanwhile, Bereni's got his own problem child to maintain: He married our Art Director, Marla, July 31. Good luck and Godspeed!