Spy Shot! 2011 Suzuki GSX-R600/750

A sneak peek at the newest Gixxer.

Spy Shot! 2011 Suzuki GSX-R600/750

Looks like Suzuki went and did it again — shrunk the GSX-R, that is. This spy photo, shot mid-September in Southern California during a closed-gate racetrack testing session, reveals what appears to be an even more compact sporting platform from the Japanese bike maker. Either that, or Suzuki has hired ex-professional basketball players to sort out final suspension settings on its latest, greatest repli-racers.Suzuki didn't bring in a 2010 GSX-R600, 750 or 1000 last year. That's expected to change this time around, at least in the case of the 600 and 750, which have for a number of years differed for the most part only in the displacements of their liquid-cooled, dohc, 16-valve four-cylinder engines.

One of the obvious areas of dissimilarity between the previous model and this new machine is the front brakes. This new model appears to wear completely different calipers. They're still radially mounted but chunkier and possibly more rigid.

There are clear differences, as well, in the ram-air intakes in the upper fairing, in the shape of the headlight and the contour of the top of the windscreen. The tailsection is whisker-thin. Passengers beware.

Suzuki is expected to reveal its entire 2011 lineup in early October at its Las Vegas dealer show.