MV Agusta Triple: Official Photo

MV Agusta Triple

MV Agusta Triple

Looks like the graphics might be still in committee--then again, what's nice about MV is that they don't seem to do committee so much.  (Or maybe everything but the graphics was already nailed down when Harley-Davidson sold MV back to itself for one Euro, was it just last month?)

Anyway, the distinctive F4 rear end is in place,  as is the single-sided swingarm. What's missing is the undertail exhaust ray-gun battery; the Triple appears to exhale through some kind of R6-ish GP-style deal.

We also don't know the rider's butt measurements, but judging from it, this looks to be a really compact motorcycle, possibly even lighter than the sub-400-pound Triumph Daytona 675 crowd favorite. And while MV Agusta naturally wants to retain its upper-crust Euro-cachet, we're told this bike, maybe to be called F3, should put Italian exotic ownership within reach of a lot more enthusiasts than was previously the case. We'll know more in a couple of weeks as to details and availability, but all indications point toward soon.

It would be nice, when you have a minute, to drop H-D CEO Keith Wandell a thank-you note for making it possible.