Cannonball update: Day 4

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Photo by Barry Hathaway

As I write this, Cannonball riders are grinding valves, fixing oil leaks and replacing bushings at the amazing Coker Tire World Headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In the first four days of the run, minor miracles have been happening. A sheared crankshaft repaired in local machine shop, a replacement piston somehow located...

One rider told me today he’s had eight hours of sleep in four days. Yes, bikes are breaking, but they’re getting fixed. Not a single entry has dropped out of the race completely. Points are lost for some, but every starter is still in the running, and spirits are very high. One rider called this event a death march and in the same breath said he’s having the time of his life.

These bikes’ capabilities are impressive. There have been serious climbs and descents in the past two days on some phenomenal roads—with brakes that are questionable to non-existent. There’s a lot of skillful riding happening here and a lot of good people who can’t believe they’re doing something this cool.