Motorhead Madness

Motorhead Madness - Triumph 650

Motorhead Madness - Triumph 650

So, you like engines, eh? If so, you really need to check out this website:

It’s a series of more than 100 gorgeous photographs of motorcycle engines, from the legendary to the obscure, from the exciting to the mundane, from the bone-stock to the wildly modified. All the finished pictures are the work of Gordon Calder, who either photographed the engines himself or obtained suitable shots from other sources, then Photoshopped all of them to remove the host frames and gas tanks, etc., leaving only the pristine engines themselves showcased on black backgrounds, such as the pre-unit 650 Triumph Twin pictured here. The result is a striking slide-show presentation that will keep true motorheads glued to their monitors.

Calder generally provides a brief explanation of each engine, often along with the date and place when and where the photo was taken. He offers prints for sale of many of the engines, mostly those for which he owns the photographic rights. He also provides links to many of the original photos, giving you some idea of the tremendous amount of work that went into creating the finished images.

You don’t have to buy anything to view these stunning photos; it’s all free. Just don’t be surprised if you start reaching for your wallet.