Ducati Streetfighter EFI Remap

Cycle World


From the very first day we rode our 2010 Ducati Streetfighter testbike, we have been less than pleased with its power delivery at minimal throttle opening in the lower part of the rev range. The fueling issue we experienced is directly related to a lean fuel mix created by the bike's EPA approved fuel map and a common complaint among Streetfighter owners. Finding an affordable aftermarket solution wasn't as simple as one might think, but we have good news to share with the Streetfighter community following a hands-on evaluation of the Bazzaz Z-Fi fuel control unit that is now available for Ducati's naked superbike.

Before returning our borrowed Streetfighter test mule to Ducati North America, I was tasked with putting the bike back to stock form. Although we hadn’t performed the Z-Fi install, a fist-full of zip-ties (I clipped 38 in all) securing the Bazzaz wiring harness provided a breadcrumb trail to follow while tracing the ivy vine of wiring routed throughout various parts of the bike. Even with the added complexity, effort and wire ties needed to tuck the Z-Fi wiring somewhat out-of-view on the naked Duc, we found the improved performance to be well worth the trouble.