We Ride 2011 Kawasaki KX450F

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CW2010_ja_KAW 2 Web

Cernicky on the 2011 KX450F (photo by Jeff Allen)

The Cycle World staff including Mark Cernicky, photographer Jeff Allen and I, were invited out to Racetown 395 in Adelanto, California, yesterday to ride the 2011 KX450F. Here are our first impressions:

Racetown’s perfectly prepped track offered lots of soft soil to test the big KX’s power. We were quite impressed with the linear nature of the engine’s delivery. It offers smooth power without an overly aggressive hit when ridden in the standard ECU setting. Revised fuel-injection response was excellent. Top-end power is very good, too.

As the day progressed the track started to get a bit rougher and the Kayaba suspension was up to the task. Braking bumps, big landings and whooped-out straights didn’t upset the bike a bit, which remained stable and allowed the rider to stay on the gas. A comfortable seat with new gripper side texture is a welcome addition.

We’ll have a much more complete evaluation of the bike with video and more photos soon, so stay tuned.

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CW2010_ja_KAW web

2011 Kawasaki KX450F (photo by Jeff Allen)