Exercise Your Right to Vote

Okay, voting about issues that you know nothing about isn’t really smart, but passing on your right to vote altogether, is just lame. But when it comes to motorcycle-related issues one can get completely lost in the jumble. The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) recently announced its online voter guide that was designed to educate AMA members on how their elected officials acted and voted on motorcycle-related issues.

The guide features a fuel-gauge rating for every federal and gubernatorial candidate of the major political parties who returned an AMA questionnaire. The rating shows how closely the candidate’s opinions mirror those held by the AMA, spelling out where they stand on motorcycle-related issues.

“As a nonpartisan organization, the AMA does not endorse political candidates” said Ed Moreland, AMA senior vice president for government relations. “"However, we encourage our members to cast their ballots based on candidates’ positions on motorcycling-related issues, as well as other issues of importance to them. AMA members have long sought a voter guide, and we certainly hope they will take a hard look at our 2010 AMA Voter Guide to see where their candidates stand on issues important to the future of motorcycling before ultimately casting their votes.”

The 2010 AMA Voter Guide is available to AMA members in the Members Area of the AMA website at http://home.ama-cycle.org/membersonly/index.asp. Motorcyclists who wish to join the AMA and take advantage of this latest member benefit can do so at AmericanMotorcyclist.com/join/index.asp.