Best Standard: Kawasaki Z1000

Kawasaki’s new naked bike does much smoother burnouts and wheelies...

Best Standard: Kawasaki Z1000 - Ten Best Bikes

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If at first you don’t succeed, try and try yet again. The third time’s been a charm for Kawasaki’s venerable Z1000. It nabbed an honorable mention when it debuted back in 2003 but got edged out by the glamorous Aprilia Tuono. Updates to the Z1000 in ‘07 kept one of our favorite versatile sporting motorcycles in the conversation, but it was the Triumph Tiger 1050 that had us by the tail that year.

Now Kawasaki has delivered an all-new machine that shares little more with its predecessors than a name and its broad-focus, real-world sporting intent. And we have been torqued into submission by its all-new sublimely smooth, instant-power 1043cc inline-Four. This, along with a sporty chassis and fully adjustable suspension upped the Z's sporting prowess and sealed the deal.

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