Gregg's Gold Standard

Rhyme time with Cernicky. | Photo by Jeff Allen


After a short ride on Gregg DesJardins' Kenny Roberts TZ750-replica, dirt-track-style Yamaha R1 (February, 2010), I was thinking I'd found my new favorite streetbike. It for sure was my favorite custom. I was having way too much fun on this legitimate "street tracker" you can powerslide on pavement.

It's a bike that must be ridden with a lot of conviction. But the GD R1 also inspired a bit of poetry in my head while I was hackin' my way along some seriously cool backroads:

When into the corners I was a-flickin', the 19-inch Goodyears weren't a-stickin'.

Slidin', turnin', in wide and out late, it left me no time to hesitate.

With the high, wide bars flexing while twisty-road weaving, exiting corners, black lines I was leaving.

Roaring thunder echoes off the canyon walls, skiddin' through the valley is how this bike hauls.

Up on the seat as far as I could sit, I slide both ends on entries, holy s&*%.

Keeping on line, holding the R1 down, burning rubber all the way 'round.

It corners like a banshee and makes an awesome sound. Do you catch what I'm layin' down?

Goodyear black lines curve like my smile, and I'm riding big wheelies for at least a mile.

I'll remember that ride for quite a while.

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