CRG Roll-A-Click Levers and SSR Rearsets - Product Evaluation

Help for hands and feet.

CRG Roll-A-Click Levers and SSR Rearsets - Product Review

CRG Roll-A-Click Levers and SSR Rearsets - Product Review

Levers and footpegs are often the first parts to break in a crash. But it doesn't have to be that way. CRG makes adjustable replacement levers and rearsets that are more likely to survive a get-off than their stock counterparts.

We ordered CRG's Roll-A-Click levers ($129 brake/$260 clutch) and SSR rearsets ($630) for our long-term Honda CBR1000RR. The anodized, 6061-T6 aluminum levers are six-position adjustable for span via a slick roller-cam assembly. Also, the latest versions fold up upon contact, protecting the perch, lever-adjustment mechanism and, possibly, the master cylinder.

The modular rearsets are machined from the same 6061-T6 aluminum. Stubby, aggressively knurled pegs are angle-beveled on the bottoms to reduce weight and improve cornering clearance. Peg position is widely adjustable, and the shift- and brake-pedal tips fold rearward upon contact with the ground, improving their chance of survival in a crash.

Lever installation was a cinch, but fitting the rearsets was an exercise in frustration, due in large part to their immense adjustability. Thankfully, our patience paid off. The levers offer range sufficient to suit hands of nearly all sizes, and on-the-fly adjustments are a snap--er, a click. As for the pegs, their wide, knurled upper surfaces provide secure footing, regardless of boot brand. Needle bearings smooth gear changes and make for precise brake-pedal actuation.

CRG's Roll-A-Click levers and SSR rearsets give every indication that they will perform as well as they look. That's saying something.


**Constructors Racing Group

125 Hangar Way

Watsonville, CA 95076




  • Flip-up brake/clutch levers flip back down

  • Conventional or GP-style reverse shifting

  • Available for most late-model sportbikes


  • Rearsets installation confusing

  • Non-folding footpegs best suited to track

  • No rear-brake light switch actuator