Brammo Gains Enertia

Oregon bike maker lowers price of all-electric Enertia to $7995.

"Shocking Barack," last October's attempt by Brammo product-development director Brian Wismann and ad-agency creative director Dave Schiff to present an Enertia electric motorcycle to President Barack Obama, didn't end as hoped. They retraced the 700-mile route from Detroit, Michigan, to Washington, D.C., driven earlier by automotive CEOs seeking government loans—allegedly for just $9.34 in total "fuel" costs. When attempts failed to deliver the bike to the White House, the pair padlocked the bike to a pole in downtown Washington and mailed the keys to the lock and the bike's ignition, along with a note explaining their mission, to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, attention Barack Obama.

"We continue to have a dialogue with the Department of Energy and are working to get a bike on display in their lobby to give some perspective on what can be done with electric power," said John Farris, Brammo's marketing director.

Of potentially greater impact, at least in terms of sales, in November, Brammo lowered the suggested retail price of the Enertia from $11,995 to $7995. Factor in a 10 percent Federal Tax Credit and the price drops to $7195; some states offer additional incentives. Further, with a $2000 down payment and credit approval through retailer Best Buy, buyers can ride away on an Enertia for $249 per month with 0 percent interest for 24 months.

Look for a full test of the Brammo Enertia in an upcoming issue of Cycle World magazine.