Best Open Streetbike: Ducati Streetfighter S

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2009.

Best Open Streetbike: Ducati Streetfighter S - Ten Best Bikes 2009

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If only our commute to work were like doing 10 laps at Mugello, with ample runoff room, no traffic and a perfect riding surface so that all of us sportbike fanatics could make our daily ride make sense aboard a full-on, race-ready superbike. Unfortunately, real life is not even close to being like that. Which is what makes the Ducati Streetfighter S such a wonderful motorcycle. Sure, it's ready for Mugello with its Öhlins suspension, amazing level of chassis feedback and incredible 1098-sourced V-Twin, but it packages all that superbike goodness with a sensible riding position far more suited to the unpredictable cut-and-thrust of real road riding. So for road or track, well, there's no bike more Open than the Streetfighter S.