Long-Term Test Update: 2007 Ducati 1098


2007 Ducati 1098 - Long-Term Test Update

With all the electronics and zero-maintenance this-and-that on bikes these days, it is sometimes easy to think that the old-style "tune-up" simply isn't relevant.

Not so! When we took in our 1098 for its 7500-mile service, we figured they'd hit the high points and we'd get the bike back running just how it had before. Instead, after Spectrum Motorsports (www.spectrum-motorsports.com) tuned the fuel mixture, reset the throttle-position sensor and fiddled with a few other things, the bike ran sweeter than ever, with crisper response and smoother running.

Glad it came out so nice, because with the valve check and adjustment, plus oil change, timing-belt checks and new sparkplugs ($34 each!), the total with parts and labor was $729. That's a lot of spaghetti!

Mechanical issues have been minimal. First was an occasional fast idle to 2000 rpm. We thought the service would fix it, but it didn't. Then, the aftermarket Advanced Motorsports-imported EVR slipper clutch ($1895, www.advancedmotorsports.com; 817/790-0200) suddenly refused to disengage, the lever completely rock-solid. No fault of the actual clutch, which is functionally awesome, but rather the center nut came loose and the pushrod no longer could lift the pressure plate. A half-hour at the dealer ($45) and it was fixed with no harm done. They used Loctite this time...

Total miles:|7854
Next service:|15,000 miles
Maintenance costs (including tires):|$1141
Repair costs:|$0
Average fuel mileage:|37 mpg
List price (2007):|$14,995