Ti Terrific

Ownership will set you back a staggering $275K.

Photography by Jeff Allen

Ti Terrific

Last Fall, Don Atchison told his wife and Ecosse Moto Works CEO, Wendy, that he wouldn't cut his hair until they delivered the initial four-bike batch of the Ti Series RR, a supercharged, titanium-framed spin-off of the Heretic V-Twin ("Refined Dynamite," April, 2005). As of August, all four of the exotic street-fighters were finally finished and two had been handed over to their respective owners along with matching French BRM wristwatches.

To be fair, the Ti RR ($275,000!) is not all Atchison has on his plate; he's also working on derivatives of said machine. The Titanium Series ($230,000) is likewise supercharged, intercooled and fuel-injected, but a watch is not included. The Titanium Race Series ($195,000) is fuel-injected and features a naturally aspirated, race-spec G-Squared engine. There also is the Iconoclast Series, a blacked-out, matte-finish Heretic with a special engine, exhaust and paint. It is limited to 11 units and only available through London-based luxury e-tailer 20ltd. Further, Ecosse (www.ecossemoto.com) continues to develop its lightweight X-6 crossover and Formula One-inspired X-7/ES1 superbike.

While the Ti Series RR borrows from the Heretic gene pool, it is an altogether different animal. Chrome-moly frame and swingarm tubing joined by machined steel lugs has given way in all areas to U.S.-sourced TIG-welded titanium; the two-man build of the backbone/trellis frame is a 30-day endeavor. At center stage is a 2150cc engine, a brutish air-cooler carved from billet. Atchison claims 200 horsepower and 200 foot-pounds of torque, big gains coming from the complicated EFI and supercharger systems. Boasting carbon-fiber bodywork and wheels, the RR weighs-in at a claimed 440 pounds.

Atchison expects to complete the full 10-bike run of Ti Series RRs by next summer. In the meantime, anyone have the name of a good barber?

French watchmaker BRM is known for its racing themes. Titanium 48mm bezel matches Ecosse frame and swingarm. Engraved, serialized skeleton back reveals inner workings.

Ti Series RR

Titanium Series RR