XtraPix: Black & White - First Look

More pictures and notes from the June, 2008 CW comparison of the Buell 1125R and Ducati 848.

XtraPix: Black & White - First Look

XtraPix: Black & White - First Look

Twins separated at birth? Not a chance. This pair of track-bred, backroad-burning V-Twin sportbikes is more like yin and yang than brothers-in-arms. What I'm really trying to say here is that riding these two back-to-back on both the street and around a racetrack was like taking the Pepsi challenge. But come to think of it, some prefer Coke to Pepsi. I'll drink either one so long as it's not diet and served cold.

Okay, so the latest Buell lacks a bit of refinement. Sure, it might even be burly and little rough around the edges, but it's true to its American blue-collar performance heritage. Whack the throttle open at midrange revs and hold on! It's like pounding an Old Milwaukee in one giant gulp and crushing the can against your forehead, bro!

Then there's the Ducati: smooth and sophisticated as a delicate white wine…with a grappa chaser, that is! Ride responsibly—stick with either Pepsi or Coke—and either one of these bikes will provide the buzz you're looking for.

009 Ducati's old 748 was never this willing to wheelie.

008 Function before form. Score one for the engineers.

007 The heck with Harleys, Beemers and Kawis; your local PD should add this high-speed pursuit vehicle to its motor pool.

006 Executive Editor Mark Hoyer usually only looks this steely eyed when editing Roundup.

005 The Ducati looks sleek and clean when viewed from the same angle.

004 Huge 1125R muffler is some piece of work.

003 Deep trail-braking at Willow Springs' Horse Thief Mile, where racetrack testing was completed.

002 Broad-nosed Buell makes a guy feel thin.

001 Black Bart rides again.