CW RealTime: 2008 Suzuki C109R and RT - First Look

A new heavyweight from Suzuki.

CW RealTime: 2008 Suzuki C109R and RT - First Look

Last year at Suzuki's annual dealer show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the big news was the new Hayabusa and B-King, mega-motored sportsters that hogged the glory and adulation. But Suzuki is keen on the USA's giant cruiser market, with a large array of its Boulevard cruiser models from 250cc on up.

However, one gap in the lineup was in the heavyweight class. Although the muscle-bound M109R, with its high-performance 1783cc engine and sporty chassis keeps those looking for a power-cruiser happy, those looking for a retro heavyweight cruiser may have had to ride past the Suzuki dealership; the largest classic-styled bike in the lineup was the 1475cc C90.

Behold the new C109R. It uses the M109R's jumbo V-Twin—tuned for extra torque and bottom-end throttle response—in a laid-back, classic cruiser chassis with floorboards and big pull-back bars. Cast 16-inch wheels and a fat 240mm-section rear tire look convincing, while modern suspension and linked brakes hint at a smooth, safe ride. An RT version with bags, backrest and windscreen is also available for those who like to tour in style.

We've dispatched Senior Editor Paul Dean to San Diego County to get a first-hand look at the new bike. Check ourCycle WorldRealTime forum for more info about the bike, plus riding impressions, photos and lively discussion from our active CW online community.